20-21 Happy Easter

20-21 Happy Easter
The risen Christ is celebrated in every opened flower, in every beam of nourishing sunlight, in every small patch of green beneath our feet. Easter blessings.
HKBUAS 14th PTA Team

20-21 家長親子工作坊

20-21 家長親子工作坊
Dear Parents,
The Parent-Teacher Association and the A-Parent Education Academy will be co-hosting a series of parent-child workshops. While preparing some handmade Chinese New Year food and gifts for your loved ones, you can also enjoy the precious moments spending time with your child and other parents.
Date: February 8, 2021 (Monday)
日期:2021年2月8日 (星期一)
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Format: Online course via Zoom
Course Fee: Free
Workshops: 工作坊包括:
A. Aroma Therapy 香薰治療
B. Piggy Sweet Rice Balls 賀年豬仔湯圓
C. Red Packet Crafts 賀年利是封掛飾
Application Deadline: January 25, 2021 (Monday)
截止日期: 2021年1月25日 (星期一)
Each family* can only enroll for one of the workshops. Places will be allocated by lot drawing if the applications exceed the quota.
*Each family unit can be one of the parents, the couple or one parent with one student.
Enrolled parents can collect the material pack from the Dance Room of Primary Division, G/F, on January 30 (9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.), February 1 and 2 (8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.). Parents can also choose to collect the material pack by mail.
第十四屆家長教師會 謹啓

20-21 有關校董會家長校董選舉事宜

2021-2023 有關校董會家長校董選舉事宜

Dear Parents,
家長支持,家長教師會一直擔當家長與學校之橋樑,與校方保持緊密 聯 繫 ,為 學校的發展共同努力,並為各位家長與學生 舉辦 一系列親子活動及講座。
Thanks for the support given by parents, the PTA has been acting as a bridge between the school and parents by working in a close relationship with the school and organizing a series of activities for parents and students.
鼓勵家長參 與 校政 及 為學生的成長提供意見 ,經校董會之批准 於 2012年開始 增設 家長校董,校董會亦因此邀請家長教師會為推選家長校董提供意見。
In order to encourage parents to participate in school affairs and provide opinions for student development, the School Management Committee has approved to introduce school managers (parent representatives) since 2012. In light of such an arrangement, the School Management Committee invited the PTA to provide opinions on the election of parent managers.
家長教師會本着公平、公正、公開之原則,建議家長校董經一家庭二票 (小學部及中學部各一票 )直選產生。為此,本會已於 2012年 7月 10日舉行特別會員大會,通過經修訂之家長教師會會章,以 及 會章附則 --有關校董會家長校董事宜 (修訂一 ) (「校 董附則」 作為家長校董與家長教師會的行為約章。
Under the principles of fairness, justice and transparency, the PTA suggested direct election with two votes from each family (one for the primary division and one for the secondary division). To achieve that, the PTA held a special meeting on July 10, 2012 and approved such amendment to the PTA Constitutions, as well as the By-Laws of the election of parent managers. They will serve as guidelines for parent managers and the PTA.
根據本會會章附則之規定,凡有意參與家長校董選舉之家長應 留意以下選舉安排:
According to the By-Laws of the election of parent managers, interested parents should pay attention to the following arrangements:
如欲參選,請於2020年 12月 4日 (星期五 ) 前把已填妥的 「校董會家長校董參選表格」 及 「校董會家長校董提名表格」 [註 1]交校務處以轉交本會。此外,教育局 將於 11月底 委託香港中文大學舉辦 「 校董培訓班 」 ,有意報讀家長可自行報名參與 。
If any parent is interested in running for the election, please return the election forms to the PTA through the Administration Office by Friday, December 4, 2020. Besides, interested parents may also enrol in the Manager Training Program conducted by CUHK commissioned by the EDB in late November.
「校董培訓班」課程網址 :https://www.hkier.cuhk.edu.hk/schoolmanager
Website for the Manager Training Program: https://www.hkier.cuhk.edu.hk/schoolmanager
2020年 11月 20日
Election Result of Parent Manager 2020-2022
Up till December 4, 2020, the Parent Manager Taskforce has received 2 qualified applications from PS and SS divisions respectively. According to the constitution, both applicants will be nominated as the school’s Parent Managers 2020-2022 automatically.
截至2020年12月4日,家長校董選舉事務組分別收到了中學部和小學部各1份、合共2份合資格申請。根據章程,以下兩名候選人將自動當選為香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學 2020-2022年度的家長校董。 
PS Parent Manager - Ms. Wong Yan Yan Jannie 小學家長校董 - 黃欣欣女士
SS Parent Manager - Mr. So Ming Yeung Louie 中學家長校董 - 蘇銘洋先生
Congratulations to both candidates! The result of the Parent Manager Election will be further endorsed in next School Management Committee meeting.
2020年 12月 11日

20-21 Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

20-21 Merry Christmas & Happy New Years
Merry Christmas! We might not gathering and celebration, but we are still raising a glass for your good health and happiness from afar. It’s certainly not the Christmas season we imagined. May you keep strong, stay safe, and take care of yourselves. We miss you!
HKBUAS 14th PTA Team

20-21 家長教育研討會 (逆風而上.愛裡更新)

「家長教師會」 及「家長學堂」合辦
Parent Teacher Association co-organized with Parent Education Academy
家長教育研討會 2020-2021
Parent Education Conference 2020-2021
主題 : 逆風而上.愛裡更新
Theme : Reborn in Resilliance and Love
現今社會我們每天都會與不同的人接觸如同學、朋友、老師等我們都希望能於日常生活中與不同群體建立正面的 人際關係 然而家庭關係正是重中之重卻又容易被忽略的,本年度由「家長教師會」與我校「家長學堂」合辦的家長教育研討會將探究家長如何有效與子女溝通 現誠邀各家長參與。
日期/時間 : 2020年 11月 28日 (星期六)
Date/Time : 28th November 2020 (Saturday)
講題1 :逆風而上- 提升家庭抗逆力  
Topic 1 : How to enhance resiliance of our family?
heart講者 :麥潤壽先生BBS,MH
Speaker : Francis Mak BBS, MH
講題2 :愛裡更新-為家庭找到流通情緒的管子  
Topic 2 : How to take care of the emotional needs of our family?
heart講者 :屈偉豪博士
Speaker : Dr Wat Wai Ho

❖歡迎各家長參與 All Parents are Welcome❖

❖講座語言:粵語 Language : Cantonese


❖費用:每位港幣100 元作留位費用,並於講座當天退回留位支票予出席家長。(取回留位支票時間為當日12:00-13:45) 若家長報名後未能出席活動或逾時取回留位支票,留位費將撥作是次活動的行政費,恕不退回。

❖有興趣參加者可透過 e-notice 回覆,並連同劃線支票於11 月 16 日(星期一)或之前交回班主任處理, 以 便安排及統計人數,逾期恕不受理,敬請見諒。支票抬頭以中文填寫:「香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝 中小學家長教師會」,支票背面請寫上學生姓名、班別、學號、聯絡電話及活動名稱。

❖是次活動為「家長學堂」重點課程之一,敬請踴躍參與,出席者將獲得 PTA 的一份心意小禮物。