21-23 APSC Badminton Fun Night (2) 晚上歡樂羽毛球課 (二)

A-Parent Sports Club
Badminton Fun Night (2) 晚上歡樂羽毛球課 (二 )
     The development of school and students relies on the support from parents. To enhance the sense of belonging to the school, a new platform "A-Parent Sports Club" (APSC) is established. APSC aims at connecting all parents and students who are interested in sports through different sport activities, such as badminton, table tennis and soccer, to provide opportunities for them to interact with each other. APSC has planned to provide a Badminton Trial Fun Nights for parents who are interested in badminton. The details of event are as follows:
     家長在學校和學生的發展擔當著一個重要的角色。為了讓家長和學生對學校產生歸屬感,我們現建立一個嶄新的交流平台 A-Parent Sports Club APSC)。 APSC旨在聚集所有對體育感興趣的學生和家長,並舉辦各種體育活動,例如羽毛球、乒乓球、足球等,以促進家長和學生們之間的交流,從而建立對學校的歸屬感。 APSC現為有興趣打羽毛球的家長舉辦晚上歡樂羽毛球課,活動詳情如下:
Please note that Event 1 and Event 2 will be carried out at the same time.
請注意,活動(一)和 活動 (二) , 兩個活動將會同時進行。
All participants must be the member of the association and agree to join the APSC membership.
參與者必須為本會成員家長以及同意加入成為 APSC會員。
Event 1 活動 (一)
Parent’s Free Practise Badminton Fun Night (Adults only, no child section)
Content: Free practice only (No coaching)
內容:主要提供機會給參與者對打以及自由練習 。 (不設教練 )
Event 2 活動 (二)
Parent’s Training Course for Beginners - (Group) (Adults only, no child section)
家長成人初級訓練班(團體) (適合初學者,只限成人,不設親子環節)
Content: Training course designed by professional coach to practice on basic skills
內容:將會有一位專業教練指導基本動作,以及提供機會給參與者對打以及自由練習 。
Event 1, 2 活動(一) (二)
Every Thursday 逢星期四
Feburary 二月: 23
March 三月: 2, 16, 23, 30
April 四月: 20, 27
May 五月: 4, 11, 18, 25
June 六月: 1, 8, 15
14 sessions 十四個節數
替補日: 星期五,日期待定
Substitute Date:
Friday, date to be announced
第十五屆家長教師會 謹啓