21-23 APSC Badminton Fun NightTrial 晚上歡樂羽毛球體驗課

      The development of school and students rely on the support of parents. In order for parents and students to build up a sense of belonging to school, provide more opportunities to interact with each other and increase the exercising duration among parents and students. We are going to establish a new platform A-Parent Sports Club (APSC) to gather all the parents who are interested in participating in various sports such as badminton, table tennis and soccer. APSC is created as a platform for grouping up all the parents and students who are interested in the sports, organising sport activities of related sports for parents, students and teachers to participate and creating a sense of belonging among parents and students by participating in more school activities and interaction.  
      Due to the pandemic situation, we acknowledge that no matter parents or students have less opportunities to participate in sport activities. APSC has planned to provide a badminton session trial for parents who are interested in playing badminton to participate. The details of event are below:
      家長在學校和學生的發展擔當著一個重要的角色。為了讓家長和學生建立對學校的歸屬感、提供更多的互動機會和增加家長和學生參與運動的機會。我們將建立一個新的平台A-Parent Sports Club(以下簡稱APSC),聚集所有對羽毛球、乒乓球、足球等有興趣的家長。 APSC希望將所有對體育感興趣的家長和學生聚集在一起、舉辦相關運動的體育活動,讓家長、學生和老師通過參與學校活動來建立家長和學生對學校的歸屬感及透過參與活動增加學校、家長和學生之間的互動。
      受到疫情的影響,我們知道不論是家長還是學生,參與體育活動的機會都大大減少。APSC 計劃為有興趣打羽毛球的家長舉辦晚上歡樂羽毛球體驗課。活動詳情如下:
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第十五屆家長教師會 謹啓
2022 年 4 月 22 日