2013.05.17 or 18 自由綠色單車生態 自由綠色單車生態 自由綠色單車生態 自由綠色單車生態 自由綠色單車生態 遊


請各參加者準時出席, 及留意附件參加者備忘.

files/20130517-18 Cycling event - reminder.pdf




多謝大家支持家教會活動, 附件:

1. 是次自由綠色單車生態悠參加者確認 (最新update version 2013年5月6日)

files/20130517-18 PTA01 - Bicycle Trip Participant List (2013_05_06) - PTA website.pdf

2. 參加者須知請閣位細閱. 

files/20130517-18 PTA02 - Bicycle Trip 旅團及活動參加者須知 BF002-1.pdf

3.  保險資料表格(已電節各確認參加者, 請填寫附件表格及4月15日前, 電郵至家教會單車之旅專用電郵)

由於活動責任保險要求, 需要所有參加者提交以下資料, 請閣位必須填寫仔附件"保險資料"及在4月15日前.

所有收集資料只作此次活動購買保險用途, 資料會在活動完結後碎毀!

如有任何問題, 請電郵與家教會活動負責人聯絡.

請大家在5月13日, 於家教會網站查閱活動更新詳情. 

2013.02.23 如何辨認及處理青少年之情緒問題 Presentation

如何辨認及處理青少年之情緒問題 講義

files/20130223 Parent Education Talk - Emotion.pdf

2013.01.26 如何在家中營造良好的語言環境 - Presentation

如何在家中營造良好的語言環境 files/20130126 PTA talk ppt.pdf

2013.03.03 新界區百萬行 –吐露港單車徑

多謝各位校長, 老師, 家長及同學, 

有愛心, 參與家教會安排之新界區百萬行–吐露港單車徑, 大家可以到家教會相簿觀看當天相片. 

A-School Career Expo January 26th, 2013 (AM)

files/2013_01_26 PTA_Career_Expo_PCR_Invitation_Final.pdf

Dear PS/SS Parents,

To assist A-School students and their parents in planning future academic and career paths, the PTA along with the Life Planning Team are inviting parents to share their career experience and knowledge with the secondary school community in an upcoming Career Expo. 

The details of the Expo are as follows:

Topic:             Career & Life Paths Expo.

Date:               January 26th, 2013 (Saturday)

Time:              9:00am – 12:00pm.

Venue:                        Secondary School Atrium & Dance Room (G/F)

Speakers:       Parent Career Representatives - 8 (minimum)

The expo will consist of two parts. Parent Career Representatives (PCRs) will be asked to give a 10-15 minute presentation (see guidelines below) on the path they took in their current career as well as a brief description of their work.

Presentation Guidelines:

Topic:             PCRs’ Career

Length:           10-15 minutes

Focus:             a) Brief job description (if needed)

                        b) Education journey taken, struggles and successes

c) Life beyond a career – How does your career allow you to achieve your life goals, giving back to the community…etc.

The main aim of the presentations is to give insight into the PCRs’ career. And to help parents and students have a future vision/goal that goes beyond attending university and starting a career.

The second part of the Expo will involve PCRs in an informal Q&A gathering in the atrium. The purpose of the informal Q&A session will be to allow parents the opportunity to ask more detailed questions that directly relate to their child’s planning.

I sincerely hope you will choose to be part of this event.  If you are interested to become one of PCRs, please kindly approach PTA  representative Oliver Leung at 81012633 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School Parent-Teacher Association